BAS nc wildlife penguinsNominations should be submitted through the prize website.  Nominees will be judged on the basis of the information supplied in the nomination and evaluated by the selection committee using defined selection criteria.  Examples of activities in which a Tinker-Muse Prize winner might show promise of future leadership are given in the Eligibility section of this website.  The nominator is strongly encouraged to follow the given format as it facilitates consideration of the nomination by the committee.

The Nomination Process

Full details of the requirements for a nomination are given in the Detailed Guidelines section.  Nominators should ensure that the nomination documents are completed before proceeding to online nomination as these will need to be uploaded during the process.  A full nomination includes the following steps:

Part I - Nomination Documents

The list given below should be uploaded as separate documents (minimum font size 10, preferably in PDF format) during the online nomination process:

1)  Nomination Form - a single document containing:

  • a 2-page résumé or CV,
  • a 2-page summary of important publications,
  • a 1-page summary of outreach and communication activities.

 2)  Letter of Nomination

Nominator's letter, including an overview of the nominee's activities and approach to communication of and leadership within Antarctic science and/or policy (not exceeding three pages in length).

 3)  Letters of Support

Up to three letters in support of the nomination (more than one letter of support per nomination is encouraged).  Each letter should not exceed one page in length.

 4)  Further Detailed Information

Any further detailed information the nominator wishes to submit must be combined in a single document.

mountainbgPart II - Online Nomination

  • Name of Nominator, their email, full postal address and phone number.
  • Name of Nominee, their email, full postal address and phone number.
  • Nomination Form and Letter of Nomination to be uploaded.
  • Additional Letters in Support of the nomination and Further Detailed Information to be uploaded, if present.

Only complete nomination packages will be considered. Nominators will not be notified of incomplete submissions and nominations will not be accepted after the nomination deadline.

Nomination packages for highly competitive candidates not selected for the Tinker-Muse Prize in a given year will be held for three years for possible consideration in subsequent years.  If a nomination is carried forward, the selection committee will specifically request the nominator to submit a new cover letter and curriculum vitae and to update the nomination package with recent developments in the nominee’s career.  Nominees must still be under the age of 50 to be reconsidered.  If nominators are not asked to submit a new letter, the selection committee did not feel the nomination would be highly competitive in the future and will not be carried over for future years.